Rubber boat boots

August 1, 2018 0 By etchellsworlds

When we travel on our boat, we must take into account every little detail, both in safety and comfort, although in the first it is a matter that will always be a priority. Among these details is the footwear, you can not move on deck with normal shoes because surely the sole will not have the grip that have the rubber boots , with a non-slip sole that will allow you to move from one side or another without major setbacks.

Rubber boat boots
Slip-resistant boat boots

The nautical boots are a light and simple footwear in spite of what it seems its size, it has the necessary elements to fulfill its functions. They are characterized by fluted rubber soles or otherwise but always taking care of the anti-slip properties that are the basis of their usefulness.

In addition to being non-slip, it is important that these rubber boots also act as an insulator in case you have to work with electricity on board. its height helps to avoid injuries from friction or trips with elements on board the ship, avoids getting hurt with any small pointed object on the deck and even in case of fire on the ground, it offers sufficient temporary resistance to move quickly and get out of the boat. More info

In a boat we will also have to occasionally perform some electrical repair inside and it is always safe to protect ourselves from contact with rubber shoes, the rubber boots offered by Navega Easy are perfect for it, they are also very useful to avoid cuts or injuries at any time when sharp objects are exposed on the floor.

This variety of functions makes them the favorite boots of the fishermen of tuna and other boats, since it allows them to move comfortably on the deck while taking care of everything related to fishing with safe protection for their feet.