Rent a boat for 6 people in Ibiza

August 1, 2018 0 By etchellsworlds

Many times we want to sail but we do not encourage ourselves because we do not have the knowledge necessary to start up a luxury motor boat or a sailboat, some of us know but we do not because we will not enjoy the adventure as much as we want. Well in Ibiza we have the solution for you, it’s about renting a sailboat with a skipper in Ibiza like the Hanse 415 to fulfill the dream of sailing and enjoying the company of other people and how relaxing and exciting it can be. the sea.

Exclusive boats in Ibiza
This beautiful island hides beautiful landscapes waiting to be discovered by you. You just have to take the initiative and rent a sailboat with skipper in Ibiza to take you to know the different places that this place has prepared for you.

From a restaurant to a beautiful beach you can enjoy this island, you just have to be prepared for every occasion. Cheer up with the rental of a sailboat so you can enjoy the kilometers of coastline that Ibiza has.

One of the boats you can book is the Hanse 415 , this sailboat is really impressive, it was built in 2012, measures 12.4 meters in length, its engine is 38 horsepower, it is built to carry 8 people on board, with 3 cabins, 6 berths, fully equipped kitchen with electric refrigerator and pantry to store the food you carry, also has safety equipment such as a kit and life jacket.

This beautiful sailboat is ideal to go sailing for several days and enjoy different landscapes or places.

Reasons to rent a sailboat with skipper

If you want to live new experiences in the Mediterranean Sea and you have decided to rent a boat, now what you have to say is whether to rent it with a skipper or without a skipper. The rental of boats with skipper has great advantages, because it allows you to enjoy more of the navigation, in addition you would be learning much more of these nautical professionals.

Here are some reasons why you should rent a sailboat with skipper in Ibiza :

The skipper is a person who knows very well the navigation and the responsibility that this brings, therefore having an experienced person will make you enjoy the navigation.

Another reason why you should hire the services of an employer is because he knows really beautiful places that can take you without any problem.