Nautical Battery

August 1, 2018 0 By etchellsworlds

At sea, safety is a fundamental factor. That is why when choosing a battery for the boat should know the proper amperage of the product to which the battery is intended. It can be for starting the engine or for some additional power supply. The nautical battery Baroclem Gold 12 volt 41 amperes perfectly fits multipurpose a fairly safe driving.

The battery is like an accumulator or electrochemical device that works by storing energy and then using it as electricity. The charging system responds according to the energy used by the starter. The electrical accessories of the boat such as lights, radio, refrigerator, air conditioning and others require a good battery.

Choice of the battery
Because of the size : it must be taken into account because there are different dimensions, capacity and it will depend a lot on the space that is available.

Performance : is the amperage value that the boat requires for the start, which is determined by seconds. It is always advisable to install a battery with the same performance at startup or higher.

Backup capacity : this is measured by minutes, it may be that the battery generates amps without having an adequate charge. here web

The Barroclem Gold 12 Volt 41 amps Nautical Battery was designed with the navigator in mind. When you make a crossing on the high seas you are far from civilization so you must have a good battery. A failure of this is detrimental because it will affect the whole boat in terms of lighting, in some cases it may lose power.

This battery is reliable in all types of weather. It has power for absorption and operation. Its advanced technology is CA100 and it comes with a safety cover in case of any inconvenience. In general we can say that its voltage is 12, capacity 41 amps and a weight of 10.68 kilograms.